Krowki–pure Polish cream fudge candy

Pure Polish cream fudge candy is one of the oldest and the most recognizable Polish sweets. Our Krowki are still produced according to old recipes and based on high quality milk, cream andsugar. Candies named Krowki (little cows) All started with our enthusiasm for caramel, which was traditionally manufactured with a lot of milk,cream, butter and sugar. Because we are using only selected ingredients, fudge lovers can alwaysrely on our quality. We do not use preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers.Our Krowki are available in 450g and 900g packaging (foil bag). Great variations of our fudge candy include :


  • Chocolate
  • Toffee
  • Cocoa
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee

Packaging Details: 450g per pack number of packs in carton: 20 x 450g , total weight of a cartoon 9kg number of cartoons per container (without palettes) : 2544 cartoons total weight of the 40 ftcontainer : approx.. 23t